Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Laguna San Raphael...a last splash

This blog is screwed up and I can't seem to edit...anyway...what I meant to say in the beginning is about the recent horrific earthquake, and all those who are hurting. I feel badly that
Greg and I had already comitted to this trip to Laguna San Raphael, but here it is. ...A few photos of us on a small launch, our usual non-touristy adventure south on a launch to see the blue glacier.
a three-day adventure, all of it far more worth it than a typical Navimag tour. Later, I hope to post the phots of the fishing adventure and other stuff. All we wanted was the blue ice, and we got that and much more....Great trip with Alejandro and Renaldo.

So much has happened in Chile since I last posted. Both in the country in general, and in my life. Most importantly, the earthquake of February 27th...please go to the links I have on my blog for first-hand accounts of the horrendous quake, and also visit, where a community of ex-pats and folks interested in Chile has made a difference in the recent catastrophe.

Unfortunately, Greg and I had planned a trip to Laguna San Raphael some months ago, and we were time-pressed to make the journey. Here are some photos of the trip....