Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A holiday message from a family member

An portion of a nice holiday email from a family member:

"You could care less about your family. And if you say you do, you’re a liar. If you cared about your country you would be here and not there excepting our money and bitching about how its being run."

Guess this family member doesn't appreciate the fact that I have spent more time visiting MY mother and MY family in the past ten years than he has. Guess this family member also doesn't realize that I get no money from my country, nor do I expect to ever get a dime though I paid in for 35 years. And I can bitch all I fucking want.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Week in Photos

This week, and a few previous weeks, have been consumed by rain. By carving. By woodfires and mud and cooking and cats and clay. Anyway, here are some photos of time arrested by weather. They include a baby in a tree, some coffee cherries, a cat, a bone carving I made. I am not sure what else will load up. But this is my week. Photo descriptions are below the photos.

a wild cat tamed

some clay tiles

a fire to fire the clay tiles

looking out the back door

how folks get to and from work

handsome contemplation

a bone carving I made

starting a face on a stump

a baby in a tree

I also started some saurkraut, but it isn't that interesting to take a picture of...had a lovely weekend respite with some friends which gives me strength to face the week of coffee business ahead.