Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Futa before and after Volcan Chaiten

It is almost one month away from the one-year anniversary of the Volcan Chaiten awakening, and I was searching for a certain YouTube video of the event for someone, and happened across this one, which is Futaleufu specific. I know that the Chaiten people had, and have it much worse, I'm don't want to take anything away from the hardships they had, and continue to have. But I liked this video because it represents what our lives were like here.

While many people, organizations and government entities pitched in here in Futa, the army guys from Coyhaique, the Bomberos from Valdivia, the truckers from Osorno...the glue in the whole situation were the Carabineros. There wasn't a task they did not perform. Evacuation, water distribution, impromptu ambulance service, road-side assistance, general welfare checks, passing out masks, delivering messages, locating wood for heat, and giving up a recreation room for a team of emergency volunteer vets. They traveled by truck, horse and foot out into el campo to deliver messages and supplies and check on folks who had no way to get anywhere. Toward the end of the video you will see the Chilean head of the Carabineros visiting Futa...he probably picked up a shovel and helped out. Sadly, this much loved and respected man died in a helicopter accident not long after, in Panama, on a trip to discuss training Panamanian Police in the tradition and caliber of Chileno law enforcement Carabineros.

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