Thursday, September 15, 2011

I might BE God

I am not a "religious" person, however, I was thinking about things tonight and realized that I might be God. This realization is both empowering and frightening.
Empowering because I feel like I might be just a tad in control. Frightening because so many fucking idiots are running around actually controlling shit.

And this is what preceeded my "awakening".

The religious right, right-wingers, christian conservatives and tea-partiers want GOD in their government, but they don't want Christ's teachings to be the basis for their policies. Down on your luck? Screw you lazy assholes. No work? Too bad. Create your own job. Sick, tough luck. Remember "What Would Jesus Do?" wrist bands so popular a while back? I know what Jesus would do, she'd be puking her guts at the hipocracy over the use of her teachings.Shame, shame, shame on what the US is doing in the name of Christianity in politics right now.

In fact, just to share a very personal experience, Jesus (as I call her for short) stopped by tonight and said, "Mom...I mean, God." Yes, my daughter, I said. She sat down on the front porch and peeled a ripe banana as the hummingbirds buzzed in the feeders.

You know how kids are. They run off all full of themselves, thinking they know what the world is all about. Jesusa comes by when she's needy. Depressed and feeling a little short in the confidence department. I love that girl, but she needs a reality check sometimes.

Free will, Baby, that's what I tell her was the basis for this experiment.

Jesusa starts whining, "I said alot of things way back in the day. And I had hoped that people would use the things I said as "guidelines".

Yes, I said, you did, and it was good shit. You are a bright kid, Jesusa, I assured her. (She was looking a little pale and down-trodden).

"But these folks these days pick and choose and it's not what I meant." I was squeezing oranges and she took the bucket of spent orange halves over to the fence and tossed them to the cows.

"I didn't mean all this, Mom," she said. "I didn't mean for people to value life before birth, then let their fellow humans flounder until death while the "money-changers" live in oppulence! You remember the "money-changers" Mom?"

I told Jesusa yes, I remembered. I told her way back in the day that her philosophy was too complex for the idiots. I told her they would pick and choose her words, her deeds and bastardize them. I told her that they would love what made them wealthy and priviledged and reject those ideas and teachings that "imposed" upon them hardships and took a peanut from from their snack tray. Selfish...that's what I told her many people are...but she believed they were compasionate and kind.

"My Golden Rule, Mom! That is the true basis of the meaning of living a good life." She sat there with orange pulp sitcking in her hair and cried.

I pulled Jesusa onto my lap. The stars came out in the late dim evening light.

"Look," I said, "This didn't work. They didn't want to be decent and kind. So look at all the other places we can try this again! Look at all the possibilities," I said as the Milky Way luminesced above in the dark Panamanian sky.

She smiled and said, "Do you think Dad loves me? He never calls."

"Oh my, Jesusa,", I lamented. "You know... your Dad...he has all those control issues and he's busy with the Tea Party."


wayfarout said...

hey mama you think i can be a disciple of jesusa? I can follow her around and listen to her teachings. She can depend on me for preaching her gospel....but i want to change my name to Emolomew, if that's ok.....Like Bartholomew, but a girls name.

no question about are god, mama vicson

Margaret said...

Love it!

Vicki said... are a disciple! Be careful, I know who you really are :)

Have fun in It Lee!

Vicki said...

Thanks Margaret. I seemed to have gotten a ghost the night it all came to me, a blast from the feminist past!

p.s. trying to remember the name of a little hotel across from Cerro Santa Lucia...I want to book a room for one night to regroup from a long flight when I get there in Jan. El Presidente? I just remember getting in from a ten-hour flight in the early a.s., thinking I'd sleep for a while only to have the cannon go off at noon????

Gary | Nemo: Reflecting Pool Discourse Blog said...

It took a SHE God -- The Great Mother -- to break through the rabble of the rationalistic empire to make Her point. And Her point is well-taken.

Anti-religious sentiment is at an all-time high these days, and for good reason. But the shame of it is that the religious teachings, themselves, are not blame-worthy.

The bastardization of religion - the religion so many people despise - came about when religion was 'dogmatized' -- when the 'teachings' were power-pressed through the rationalistic meat-grinder, to produce a cheap, convenient, plasticized version of the pristine original. When you take the core Jesusa teachings of Compassion and throttle it through the rationalistic meat-grinder, what you end up with is a mechanical, robotic, tit-for-tat, quid pro quo, sterile, one-dimensional 'concept' utterly devoid of the 'Compassion' it pretends to embody. That is because 'reason' is one epistemological faculty we possess and 'Compassion' is a very different 'other' epistemological faculty we posses for apprehending reality.

When the toilet backs up, you don't call an electrician. When Compassion apprehends the Jesusa 'teachings' -- the true meaning becomes unmistakably clear - because Compassion doesn't need to butcher the content to make it digestible or discernable. When 'reason' apprehends the Jesusa 'teachings' it does what it does to make white bread - that is, it strips it of all the beneficial nutrients and roughage - it order to give it a long shelf-life, so to increase the profits.

Better said, perhaps, by Ram Das: "When a pickpocket meets a priest - he sees only his pockets."

Rely on Compassion to discern the Great Teachings. Rely on reason to get up off its ass and 'take out the fucking garbage' (which so often it is not motivated to do - it's an ego thing). Jesusa is rolling in Her grave because the rationalists and dogmatists have hijacked and bastardized the Heart of Her teachings - Compassion.

Has Religion Forsaken Spirituality