Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here we go Again...

For any of my regular readers, you might be interested in this...the volcano has blown again, and we are engulfed in complete darkness at one oclock in the afternoon.

UPDATE: Updates from various volcanism blogs seem to indicated that the event was a collapse of one the the volcano domes. The skies have lightened and the ash fall has decreased considerably (almost 2 pm). It is still overcast with a bit of ash swirling in the winds which seem to keep changing direction. Maybe we've dodged the bullet.

4 PM- There is no new significant ash fall which is very good. The temperature has plummeted and is now about 45 F with forecast of colder temps tonight and rain. Futa is quiet, garbage collection went on as usual, the workers wearing masks and goggles. I haven't been out yet, but will go later to get some supplies.


Laura said...

Crap. As I just read a volcano blog
"Man! I am glad I don’t live where that video was being taken. It would likely cause long term psychological damage to me."

You're amazing. Try to keep us posted.

Vicki Lansen said... give me way too much credit. Basically I am here for lack of a better idea! Just kidding about that, of course, but I feel safe, got the emergency bag ready, and just watching. It sad that so much progress had been made here in Futa. I also get the feeling that the majority of the plume crossed over and dumped in Esquel and Trevelin. Waiting for a report back on that.

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