Monday, February 23, 2009

Mom's New Dulcimer and my broken guitar

My mother bought a beautiful dulcimer, and signed up for lessons. I am not surprised, given her love of music. We used to have a piano when all of us kids were young, an old upright grand. I remember we decided to surprise our Dad so we painted it yellow one year...he was really surprised. Anyway, Mom had a beautiful organ for many years and sold it about 12 (?) years ago. I know she enjoyed it very much. And if you dig back into her youth, she once played a sax. This was a surprise, only that it was a stringed instrument. For such a music lover as she is, I am thrilled that she has picked a goes right along with her Celtic Music craze lately. I told her I expect some audio files soon!

My guitar is broken, and has been since we arrived in Chile in 2007. Those nasty baggage handlers are hell on things like that. It arrived with a big gouge in the body, and a broken bridge which I have not fixed...I bought the slim bone part in Santiago, but just haven't had the nerve to chip out the broken one. So, I've been picking the old beast as is...pounding out some John Prine and an old Country song "Storms Never Last", most famously preformed by Jesse Colter. Greg sings harmony with me on it.

For all the whining and bitching I do, there is nothing like a starry Patagonia night along with the river spirits singing, to sit on the deck, or in front of the fire and sing those words with the tune ( a crazy little unknown fact...Dr. Hook actually recorded this song too:


Laura said...

Oh my, Jessie Colter and Waylon Jennings, part of the country "outlaws'. That sure brings back memories. Waylon was married three times before Jessie and he was her second. And they were married for 32 years. How nice you two sing together.

tomasdinges said...

Hows the ash and Chaiten treating you. Also, ever heard of the Sir Douglas Quintet?

take care

Vicki Lansen said...

Tomas, the ash was frugal this time, especially outside of town where I live in Sector Azul. The issues with Chaiten are something I don't feel qualified to write about though I have opinions galore! I may write about them soon though. Let me just say that while I certainly understand losing everything, starting over and all of that, that that sense I empathize with the people of Chaiten. And then, let's add to that (I'm going to get hammered by some here) the opportunistic behaviour of many in other parts of Chile towards the people of Chaiten in their relocation. I'll just go chop some wood now.

Thanks for visiting Tomas. I will google Douglas Quinet, and appreciate what may await my search!


Vicki Lansen said...

I meant Sir Douglas Quintet, and when I mentioned it, my husband started singing "She's about a Mover..." and I thought he'd had a stroke.