Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weather in Futa. Childhood Memories

Plaza del Armas, Futaleufu. Courtesy of Nicolas LaPenna, Patagonia's Best Guide.*

A friend of ours, Nicolas LaPenna, sent us these photos of Futa, just in case we weren't homesick enough. Today I went out in a light jacket here in Temuco. In Futa it would be a double socks day and a fire roaring in the wood stove!

Yes, I actually miss this. I even find it strange that I enjoy this kind of weather. Maybe it takes me back to my childhood on the farm in Ohio. The snow would be so deep my father would leave us in the car with our mother at the end of our lane and trudge back to the barn to bring the tractor and...get this...the manure haul us back to the house. All of us huddled in the spreader under a blanket around our rosy-cheeked baby brother. My Dad would tell us that the Manure Spreader is the only machine in the world that "beats the shit out of itself"! Back then our mother would go out and get the virgin snow and we'd have snow cones with maple syrup on them. The syrup was from our own maple syrup camp back in the woods.

I miss HOME!

* Nicolas is perhaps one of the most knowledgeable tour guides in Patagonia. He has worked with scientists, biologists, TV and documentary crews, authors and journalists and everyday tourist, providing them with fascinating experiences in Patagonia. If you plan to visit the region, he's your man for Glacier trekking, fishing, volcano's, anything Patagonian. His photographs and experiences with the Chaiten Volcano are incredible. If you have any doubts, just Google Nicolas LaPenna.

Nicolas La Penna/ Chaitur Excursiones

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Casa: calle Diego Portales 350 (Casa Azul) Chaiten X Region


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