Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wrapping Up Temuco

I think we are winding down our trip to Temuco. One last major doctor visit to ensure all the parts are in working order. I took the time to try out some of the Cachayuyo (see previous post for explaination and recipe),

and yesterday bought some of those little eggs that look like Easter candy (700 pesos for 12). Turns out they taste just like regular eggs but are a pain in the ass to peel...

I also found this bag of yeast in the healthfood section. It said Levadura de Cerveza, so I bought it just cause I thought it migh be Brewer's yeast and I want to make beer!

Then, at Al Portal, the big mall in Temuco, there was an art exhibit, and I fell in love with this carving, made from one piece of wood. Awesome. And only $5,000 US!!!! Where should I put it in my house?

The carving below was Greg's favorite:

I boxed up some of my staple stuff, spices, unrefined sugar and the like, and will send a box to myself in Futa from the Correos. After I find out how much one box will cost, I may send the others and save myself the agony of dragging it back with luggage.

We met a couple of Chile forum members a few days ago (or a week, time flies) who were very nice. It was a seven hour gab-fest with everyone talking over everyone else as if we'd all been stranded on an island with no one to talk to for the past two years! A mania English-fest!

Getting my ass moving to wrap things up is always difficult. Always. Even if we are out at our house and need to go into town, I have to drag myself. I love to "mushroom" myself wherever I am. However, the homesickness for our little cabin in the wilderness is far greater than my awful procrastination, and while the grueling journey home doesn't help, I'm more than ready!

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