Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunset in Futa

Above: View of Tres Monjas from home in Azul

Above: We ventured into town to check mail (it comes every Thursday and we missed last week) and this was the scene coming into town looking east towards Argentina.

The past five days have been freezing...water lines frozen, ground frost not thawing even though the sun has been shining. We are getting water from the river, warming it on the stove to wash. Cold and plumbing problems aside, we had some great home-made deep-dish pizza two nights ago, and chicken pot pie last night. Inclement weather and remoteness never dictates our culinary enjoyment!

In other exciting news, I gave Greg a haircut so he no longer looks like the Unibomber, while I continue to look like a cross between Calamity Jane and god knows who.

Somehow my blogger edit program switched to Spanish, so if I misspell, it's not my fault, I'm just lazy.

Nono brought fresh milk again yesterday so I made some more yogurt. The rennet I have doesn't seem to work for me...or I'm not being patient enough. I dragged in the 35-kilo bag of potatoes Greg bought and we must get to eating them...I'd asked him to get a sack of potatoes in town two weeks ago and he came wobbling down the path with a wheelbarrow loaded with a
"sacko"...35 kilos. Too bad when I ask him to buy beer he doesn't think big, huh?!?!?!!

So, we are off now...back to the homestead, watch our podcasts tonight, draw more water from the river tomorrow, paint a little in the house, Greg will chop wood, I'll bake some bread, chop and dry peppers and garlic to smoke and re-dry, and then find some useless things to take up time....write letters back home.


RE said...

The weeks have flown by. We are off on another road trip. I meant to say earlier that I enjoy these pictures! Makes me want to visit :-)

Aporia said...

You guys have some great pictures. I heard about your blog through Tapestry of the Times.

sharon said...

Hi Vicki
My foolproof (most of the time) yogurt doesnt use rennet. I use 2 qts of milt, heat it to 105 then add 2 tbsp of the previous yogurt, stir well and pour into a container setting it in a prewarmed cooler for about 6 hours. Its delicious. Maybe this will make it easier to make. Enjoy

Eileen said...

I want to go to Vicki's winter camp. Sounds challenging, but what's life without challenges? Hope you figure out your yogurt woes! I make it how sharon manetioned making it, but maybe you meant starter when you said rennet anyway. And if you have to use commercial yogurt to start, I had some made from Soprole natural and it was excellent.

Hope the river runs freely, and that good news comes in the mail.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I meant a freeze-dried starter, not rennet. So much for reading what I write!

Winter is isolating, but wonderful just the same. Always someone to visit with or to visit us, socks to knit and warm wine with orange slices floating on top to sip in front of the fire. Thanks for your comments, and visiting.

(Vicki, who forgot her password!)

Aporia...what's up with Tapestry of the Times!!!! No new podcasts? I miss it.

willson said...

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