Thursday, March 12, 2009

That Music! A Cornicopia of Ear Candy.

One of the things I miss without electricity, is the opportunity to endlessly listen to music, and music programs like this one which features folks, jazz, blues, and music of the world including indigenous recordings many from the Smithsonian's vast collection of recordings. This program, Tapestry of the Times from WYPR out of Baltimore, is one of the best public radio programs I've found. You can download the podcasts for free on itunes.

An example I liked, one of the first episodes I listened to is here: It includes some Kentucky Bluegrass, Comanche Flute music, a cowboy song, Langston Hughes reading a poem, two Afghanistan musicians, slave calling from Georgia, and Pete Seeger and more. If you love music, and learning, this is something you shouldn't miss.

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