Monday, March 9, 2009

What's up? Six of one, Half Dozen of another.

I decided to use sheep skins for chair covers.

And this is the "lana" sheep wool that Nono deems too defective to spin for it is what I am using to stuff the cushions with after I have "teased" it out.

This is my kitchen sink cabinet that I am varnishing now. We were thinking of tiling the top.

This is Nono, Ismael and Patricio after the lights came on.

This is the funky housing for the turbine for the hydro.

Hydro House almost finished.

And the home-made Turbine.

I haven't done a blow-by-blow for the hydro because I was too excited to sit in front of the computer. Then, well, it's Chile. And really, no one should have to endure my manic-depressive adventures in Futalandia. Patricio was supposed to be out last Saturday to start the main project installing all the doo-dads in the hydro house, but his mother ended up ill and in the hospital in Esquel, Argentina. To his credit, he came and started work on Sunday, last week. This weekend, he came to finish, and on Saturday night, we had lights! Which was WEIRD! Greg watched Slingblade (Billy Bob Thorton) and I read in bed with my bedside lamp! Oh JOY! Then, Sunday.......Arrrgggghhhh! The turbine wobbled and thumped and while we still had electric from the batteries, obviously we had a problem, which made me realize what our future problems might entail. That is...the twenty-foot slide down to the hydro house to check on any problems that might arise, and the twenty-foot freaking climb back up...which in good, dry weather is a bitch! So, as we work out the kinks in the system, I told Greg we WILL address the access problem.

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