Friday, March 13, 2009

What if...Just an Ideal

What if I, as a mother, and a grandmother, found that I had something in common with a mother and a Grandmother in Iran, Iraq, or North Korea, or any other country? What if, a kid, ten or 14-years old, found that he had the same dreams, loves and desires as some other kid in any other country in the world? We do have some common desires, I think. And what if we said to our respective leaders...STOP! We have no common reason to desire war. None.

Sounds like a simple, stupidly simple concept. But I have a sincere feeling that there might be a woman blogging, or who would blog, in another country, who might have the same deep convictions as I do...that we do not want war, and that we are sick and tired of men waging it.

Women are a significant portion of the population, not to mention, a progressive force in the world. And if nothing else, women have learned to say no. And to say yes. They are learning to have their say, but not enough people are listening. And there are enough good, intelligent men to join us. Women and children suffer disproportionately when countries war, or societies collapse or famine hits. Women hold up societies whether or not they are democratic, or dictatorships, or fledgling emerging nations.

I would like to seek out women around the world who might want to join in a global initiative to stop war, and genocide, and hunger and greed. I know the solutions are not easy, but dialog starts with just one person not just talking, but listening to another. If anyone knows of any womens initiatives for peace and power out there, let me know.

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Laura said...

Yes, what if we had empathy for others?

The most famous group in the US I know today is Codepink.